Today I got an idea for a website…


Kickstarter. IndieGogo. GoFundMe. They all sound so cute and entrepreneurial. Here on PANHANDLER you’re just going to have to own up to your self-seeking humbuggery.

I keep coming across people using crowdfunding sites for their own personal gain. Vet bills, yoga teacher training, plane tickets to weddings, etc. I know that I am particularly curmudgeonly but am I really the only one who’s bothered by this? When did this become ok?

How about we just call it what it is? Good ol’ fashioned begging. Would these people who are trying to get their hands on your hard-earned dollars take their lazy, entitled asses to Penn Station and ask commuters for dollars? I mean face-to-face asking someone for money. The kind where people dismiss you, wave you off, and say “fuck you, you bum.” Quite frankly I would find that to be more acceptable and perhaps even admirable. It’s humbling to ask someone for help. It teaches you compassion. It gives you a real sense of humility and gratitude. It puts into perspective the relevance of your “need.” You don’t get that from sitting on your couch and setting up a donation page with a cute pic and witty copy.

If you need dollars for your next step in life, think about picking up an extra shift. Hustle. Work harder. Work smarter. Tap in to the resources around you. Use your networks and see if you offer a service that someone needs. Solve your own problem. Don’t ask me to do it for you. Maybe I’m a fool but I think that the greatest part of the human experience is living through the bullshit. Solving your own problems. Changing your own situation. Working shitty hours at shitty jobs.

Instead of KICKSTARTING something with crowdfunding, why not JUMP START your life by living it for yourself?


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