A little more vision. A little less board.

The funny thing about life is that the more you live it, the more your philosophies and guiding principles seem to change. Well, maybe they don’t change. Maybe they just continue to grow as you gather more information. Isn’t that part of the journey? Experiencing the world and letting it shape you. Aren’t we all just the sum of our experiences?

I’ve always said that you can’t give another person perspective; they have to pay for it. And believe me, perspective is expensive. You pay for it in blood, sweat, tears, heartache, victories, hard work, hangovers, one-night stands, and the occasional happy accident. But I guess even in saying these things I am trying to give you MY perspective. You should probably just ignore me and pay attention to what your own life is teaching you.

I say all of this to say that recently I’ve had a change of heart about something. I’m allowed to do that! Brace yourself people. You might think you’re ready for this. You’re not.


…maybe they’re not so bad…

In case you aren’t familiar with vision boards, click here.

My fundamental objection to VBs comes from the mystical, religious, hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo way that people talk about them. “Oh I put a vision board on my door so I had to see it every time I left the house and within 4 months I was living my dream.” Give me a fucking break. Well, I’m just going to take this moment to acknowledge that this was my own perspective limiting my acceptance of what was working for someone else.

As I look back on years past and look forward to the future, I just might be seeing value in the IDEA of a VB. I’m a matter of fact person. I don’t believe in mysticism. I don’t believe in the power of positive thinking. I DO believe in living with a sense of intention and purpose. Maybe what others are getting from VB-ing is a sense of purpose and deliberate action. I get it. It’s about reminding yourself every day what your goal is and making a conscious CHOICE to move in that direction.

Life happens quickly. You blink and suddenly a month has gone by and you haven’t done a single thing that has gotten you any closer to your goal. Bills are paid, emergencies come up, survival jobs eat into your time, drinks are had, hangovers are recovered from, and suddenly another year has whizzed by.

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, vision boarding isn’t all that bad. Don’t get me wrong. I still can’t cope with people who talk about it with a mystical, nut-job tone and I certainly won’t be cutting up any magazines and busting out the glitter pens and magic markers. Let me just say that from now on I will be living every single day with a focus and intention that I have been lacking.

A little more vision. A little less board. I’ll let you know how this pans out.


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